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Being a Danish citizen based in Copenhagen, Kim Hersland received his Masters in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School inn 1981. In 1986 Kim Hersland qualified as a State Authorised Public Accountant.

Historically, Kim Hersland has pursued a significant career as an auditor, which has led to notable positions in Öhrlings Auditors SA and Coopers & Lybrand and in PriceWaterhouseCoopers as an International Partner. In 2000 Kim Hersland became a founding partner of Ankjær-Jensen & Partners in Denmark. Kim Hersland later joined Baker Tilly as a partner and chairman in 2010.

Following Kim Hersland’s remarkable career, he later dived into the area of advising several banks and large corporates in connection with M&A and financial cross-border transactions.

In his professional capacity, Kim Hersland began to lecture at Copenhagen Business School and serve as an examiner at the official auditor exams in Denmark. Furthermore, Kim Hersland also functioned as a quality controller of audits in Denmark.

Following the release of a number of professional articles in accounting and tax periodicals, Kim Hersland has established himself as a reputed specialized professional within the field of corporate taxation.


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